Job Application

Job Application There are many benefits to speaking English, and one of them is being able to apply for jobs in English speaking countries such as Australia, the United States, and Canada. Speaking English in addition to another language can also put you heads above other applicants who might only speak English.

Seeking English Language Jobs

English jobs are not for beginners, as the ability to speak, read, write, and converse in English are imperative. Also extremely important for finding a job in an English speaking country is to have good references. This will not only help you complete your job application more quickly, but will help you actually land the job.

Job Applications

Even if you speak perfect English, the wording and language used in job advertisements and applications is a complete other vocabulary in and of itself. If you would like to apply for a job, you should definitely check out this website. Here you will find advice about how exactly to write a job application with excellent samples, forms, and cover letter examples. You will also find links to job applications online that you may sort based on industry, company, and location.

Make sure you also check out the application guide for expert advice on the best companies to work for, top paying jobs, and advice on how to write a winning resume. Lastly, you'll find links for career training that will take you further down your path to success.

Freelancing Job Applications

If you are interested in searching for more project based work that is less traditional and perhaps even more challenging, then you might consider filling out some freelance writing and translation jobs. On this website you will find plenty of advice on tips to write an effective resume to land some of the premier freelance jobs, including templates, examples, and more. This website will walk you through the entire English freelance jobs application process and help you know exactly how to apply for a job in these sectors.

If you are an employer looking to hire new English speaking employees to fill positions on specific projects, you may also post your projects on this same website. Categories include: web design, web programming, ecommerce website, flash animation, seo and sem, blogs, online forms, and others. Let us help you find the right employee for the position you need to fill.

Making Connections

So whether you are looking to make a big career change or just a temporary freelance job to make some extra money, these two websites make it easier to apply for English jobs. They not only take all the mystery out of the process of the English job application, but also help you be more knowledgeable about what to expect from the entire process of procuring an English job. Both of these sites are doing their part to help connect workers and employers with each other, in a simple and easy to use forum.

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