Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities If you are a proficient English speaker who always wanted to use your language skills at your job, then you might be eligible to try to find work in an English speaking country such as the United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada, or the United States.

How is your English?

Just speaking the language will not suffice, you must also have the skill set to read, write, and comprehend English at a high level. You will need to be able to not only function in English at your job, but also in your everyday life. If working in an English speaking country sounds like a dream come true, then opportunities are waiting for you.

North American Government Positions

Both the United States and Canada have excellent job opportunities for English speakers. While the economies of North America are starting to recover, jobs are growing in both countries and waiting to be filled by people with the appropriate skill sets. You might start your search by looking for government jobs in USA and Canada. Here you can find a wide variety of governmental positions in both countries. State jobs are typically very stable good paying jobs that provide excellent benefits such as health insurance and disability, and government jobs in Canada are especially know for their strong benefits package.

Jobs by State

If you are seeking more specific state USA jobs, then perhaps searching a different directory would be more helpful for you. In this directory you can search for jobs by state, and find jobs working for the state. These jobs all have differing requirements and pay scales based on your level of education and experience. The benefits to working for the state are outstanding and often better than working at a private company. You can expect to have disability insurance, an alternate retirement program, and many other perks just for contributing your time and efforts to your state job.

How much will you earn?

Finding a fulfilling new career will only be possible when you are adequately compensated for your skills and time. Cost of living measures are very different in different parts of North America especially, so you will want to make sure that you are looking somewhere that you will be able to comfortably afford the new lifestyle of your dreams in the location of your choice.

You can easily use the salary calculator to decide where to start looking for employment and exactly what type of job you want and should expect for the money. With the easy to use salary calculator tool, you will be able to compare salaries across states and categories, and use that information to start making decisions about where to apply. For example you could find out what a legal position in Wisconsin pays versus in Florida. You can compare all fifty states between categories such as Art and Design, automotive, business, culinary & cooking, legal, traditional trades, and mechanics.

This is an outstanding way to not only be informed about comparable salaries in the same area, but also an excellent tool for starting salary negotiations.

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