Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. Shortly after his birth, his father disappeared, and in 1811 his mother died. He was taken into the home of John Allan (from where Edgar derived his middle name), a wealthy merchant living in Richmond, Virginia. In 1815 the family moved to England where Poe was sent to private schools. Five years later he had finished school and went back to New York with Allan family.

When Poe was 17 years old he visited the University of Virginia and studies Spanish, French and Latin. Although he was an excellent student, Edgar Allan Poe got right away into difficulties because of excessive card game playing. In 1827, he enlisted in the army under the name Edgar A. Perry and quickly rose to the rank of sergeant major. In the same year his first book Tamerlane and other Poems was released.

In 1829 Poe published his second book Al Aaraf but this was also the year in which French Allan, his foster mother, died. Edgar Allan Poe had to stand his own feet and although he succeeded in publishing a new edition of his poem, he had several problems finding enough jobs to survive. In 1835, his story Ms. Found in a bottle won a contest and finally Edgar did not only get attention for his work but he also received money as a reward. In 1836, Poe married his 13 year-old cousin but soon Virginia started to cough blood, a sign of Tuberculosis. Poe drank more and more alcohol to ease the pain, dropped out his commitments with the newspaper and rapidly changed to new ones from there on. Nevertheless one of his most famous poems the Raven was written at the time and was published in the Evening mirror 1845.

Edgar Allan Poe tried to build up new relationships after two years his wife dies, but they all failed sooner or later probably because of his drinking habit and his addiction to Opium and other drugs. On Octuber3, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe was taken to the Washington College Hospital, after he was found unconsciously on the street. Four days later he died. There are many stories and theories about his death, but none of them could be confirmed. Edgar Allan Poe's life is filled with tragic circumstances, the loss of many beloved ones and steady fight to survive. Nevertheless, he became one of the best and most important writers in the American literature and a key figure in world literature. Even today, Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most widely read authors. All over the world universities and schools deal with his short stories and poetry.

Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

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