Active Voice

Definition: English verbs can be in either the Active or the Passive Voice. Voice shows the relationship between the verb and the noun phrases. In a sentence in the active, the person or thing that performed the action is the Subject of the Verb.

Example: They built that skyscraper in 1934.

In a sentence in the Passive the Object of the active sentence is used as the subject of the verb.

Example: That skyscraper was built in 1934.

The following are examples of Active Voice according to the various Tense Formations.

Simple Present
  • He sees the picture.

  • English people are very friendly.

  • I don’t know what you need to do your homework.

  • She likes running around the park very day.
Present Continuous
  • Peter is watching a movie.

  • Mary is eating a cake.

  • Your mother and your father aren’t singing a song.

  • I am thinking about you.

In changing continuous tense into passive voice the word “being” is used the main verb and before the past participle.

Present perfect
  • He has painted this picture.

  • They have walked around the city.

  • Mary has bought a new car.

  • I have lost my keys.
Simple Past Tense
  • He finished his job.

  • They ate many mangoes.

  • Peter lost his Math book.

  • I wanted to drink a bottle of mineral water.

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