Complex preposition

Definition: Complex (or compound ) prepositions consist of two or more words together having the function of a preposition.

According to
Apart from
By courtesy of
By dint of
By means of
By permission of
By reason of
By virtue of
By way of
In consideration of
In danger of
In face of
In favour of
In front of
In the interest
In front of
In the interest
In need of
In lieu of
In quest of
In place of
In respect of
In search of
In settlement of
In spite of
In view of
In accordance with
With regard to

The following examples will help us to understand in a better way this interesting topic.

Example sentences:
  • The book is in between War and Peace and The Lord of the Rings.

  • The computer is in front of the table.
  • According to my mother, my father died in 1988.

  • The cat is in front of my mother.

  • There are many beautiful countries in America such as Peru and Brazil.

  • Thanks to my father, my brother has a new car.

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