Denominal Adjective

Definition: Denominal adjectives are adjectives derived from nouns.

For example:

  • A mathematical puzzle. (a puzzle based on mathematics)
  • A biological experiment. (an experiment in biology)
  • A wooden boat. (a boat made of wood)

Denominals include adjectives which refer to nationality:

  • A Russian lady. (a lady who comes from Russia)
  • German goods. (goods produced in Germany).

Denominal adjectives of this type should be carefully distinguished from nominal adjectives denoting nationalities.

  • Nominal Adjective: The French are noted for their wines
  • Denominal Adjective: The French people are noted for their wines


  • Friday is a buzy day for me.
  • The Chinese Embassy is just down de road.
  • The Prime Minister is a close friend of mine.


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