English Verb Conjugation

The modification of a verb to show different aspects or conditions of the action is called verb conjugation. Learning how to conjugate verbs is essential for learning English. In this page you can find the most common English verbs; you also can find a conjugator tool and a list for any verb that you want to conjugate.

This is a useful tool for conjugate any English verb. Please, write the Basic Form of the verb.

English Verb Conjugation


Regular verbs in English are conjugated using the infinitive for all forms, except that the past and past participle end in "ed", the present participle ends in "ing", and the third person singular ends in "s".

to accept to count to invite
to admit to dance to learn
to agree to discover to miss
to bless to enjoy to need
to borrow to fill to permit
to breathe to greet to smile
to call to hate to touch
to change to hope to use
to clean to hunt to watch
to clear to imagine to work


Irregular verbs do not follow the standard patterns of conjugation.

to say to think to hold
to make to tell to write
to go to become to stand
to take to show to hear
to come to leave to let
to see to feel to mean
to know to put to set
to get to bring to meet
to give to begin to run
to find to keep to pay

Complete list of English verbs: If you want the conjugation for any English verb, you can see the complete list of English verbs in this page.

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