English is the dominant language of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and a number of other countries. It is extensively used as a second language and as an official language in many other countries, and is the most widely taught and understood language in the world.

An estimated 300-400 million people speak English as their first language. One recent estimate is that 1.9 billion people, nearly a third of the world's population, have a basic proficiency in this language. This is the dominant international language in communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, diplomacy and the internet. It has been one of the official languages of the United Nations since its founding in 1945.

Because English is so widely spoken, it has often been referred to as a "global language", the lingua franca of the modern era, etc. English is not official in many countries, but it is currently the most taught in most language schools around the world. It is also, by international treaty, the official language for aircraft/airport and maritime communication, as well as being one of the official languages of both the European Union and the United Nations, and of most international athletic organizations, including the Olympic Committee. Books, magazines, and newspapers written in English (such as Time and Newsweek) are available in many countries around the world. English is commonly used in sciences. In 1997, the Science Citation Index reported that 95% of its articles were written in English, even though only half of them came from authors in English-speaking countries.

The importance of English schools

Undoubtedly, learning English is so important today. If you have decided to learn or enhance your English skills for different purposes, such as entering to an American University, language schools can help you in the process of learning English. Here we present information about how these institutions can be a good option for you.

English schools

In order to get the most advantages of the education that English schools give to people, you have to choose one which matches your individual needs and goals. These centres welcome students and guide them to success. They are committed to provide good-quality language lessons in their different programs such as: general English, legal English, business English, medical English. They also prepare students for exams such as: IELTS, Cambridge, Toefl, amomg others.

The modalities vary from one-to-one to group lessons. Young and adults classes are also offered. Classes include easy access to resources such as library and Wi-Fi and also give the possibility to practice with native speakers in exchange languages programs. If you take English courses abroad, then the extra activities may be tours around the city and the facilities can include accommodation and homestays . 

A good center or school is that one that define objectives at the begin of lessons, maximize the contact between teachers and students, provide them of daily activities that make people get a knowledge of the language in short time.

Before deciding for the right school, take in mind important details. For instance be sure that teachers have a recognized certificate to teach and If they have the appropriate years of experience. Choose a center that be focused in your goals and in your rapid progress and continue improvement. When you pay for your lessons asking what the cost includes it is a good idea. Sometimes books are included in payment.

Studying abroad can be an excellent option in order to speak very quickly a foreign language. If this is your choice, consider to London as a city for your learning process.

Translation Schools

Being a professional translator is a job that not many people even consider when they are evaluation career and job options, but it is one that is in extremely high demand today. The reason for this is because the global economy that is growing so quickly today is based on the accurate exchanging of information, and in many cases, this information needs to be translated from one language to another. Simply translating words is not enough, however, as many translators need to have at least a basic knowledge of the cultures behind the languages that they are translating to. This is where translation schools come into the picture.

Translators Are Needed Around The World

Translators are in high high demand in virtually every industry across the globe. Some common types of translation jobs that are commonly done include ones for businesses, governments, legal organizations, medical practices, scientific projects and those looking to translate literary works.

Work From Anywhere In The World And Travel

A career as a translator can open up a lot of doors for you should you be interested in seeing the world and possibly even living in a foreign country. All you need to do is build up the necessary skills, and you will be able to apply for positions immediately. In order to do this as successfully as possible, you should go through a program at a translation school, which can get you fully prepared and help you generate connections within the job market. These schools will help you learn how to do some of the most common translation jobs that are available, which include interpreting, transcribing, working on electronic translation programs or localization related tasks for companies that are looking to expand their reach into new, foreign markets.

How To Get Started As A Translator

At TranslationSchools.org, you can find all the information you need to get you started. You can browse information about the types of work that you will be doing as a translator, as well as find translation schools where you can learn the skills you will need.

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