The body is the physical and material part of it for the living creatures. For humans, the body has been related to the soul, personality and behavior. In many contexts, a superficial body part as the hair couldn't be considered part of it, ever when it is attached. This fact encourages people to learn the proper vocabulary related with body parts.
An example of using the word 'Body': "The Body Mass Index calculator, or BMI, is a measurement of body fat calculated from an adult's weight and height". There are many ways to use the word body, especially when it comes to the health of a person or related to exercise.

Parts of Body in English

English Spanish French
hair cabello les cheveux
head cabeza la tête
face cara le visage
un oeil
les yeux
nose nariz le nez
cheek mejilla la joue
mouth boca la bouche
lip labio la lèvre
tooth diente la dent
ear oido une oreille
neck cuello le cou
chest pecho la poitrine
stomach estómago un estomac
arm brazo le bras
shoulder hombro une épaule
elbow codo le coude
wrist muñeca le poignet
hand mano la main
finger dedo le doigt
thumb dedo pulgar le pouce
back espalda le dos
leg pierna la jambe
knee rodilla le genou
ankle tobillo la cheville
foot pie le pied
toe dedo del pie un orteil

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