The clothing is part of our daily lives, for this reason, we must study this topic in to complete our English vocabulary. After you learn the following list, you will be able to buy clothes anywhere, or talk about fashion.

Clothing in English

English Spanish French
coat un abrigo un manteau
raincoat un impermeable un imperméable
jacket una chaqueta un blouson
sweater un suéter un pull
t-shirt una camiseta un tee-shirt
pants unos pantalones un pantalon - m
shorts unos pantalones cortos un short
bathing suit un traje de baño un maillot (de bain)
socks unos calcetines des chaussettes - f
shoes unos zapatos des chaussures - f
sneakers unos zapatillas des tennis - m
boots unas botas des bottes - f
sandals unas sandalias des sandales - f
pajamas un pijama un pyjama

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