Eating and food

Eating is a great pleasure for many people, so it is important to handle the proper words to ask for our favorite food dish. There are many other words related with this topic that the following table will show you. If you learn those words you will be able to talk about eating and food anywhere.

English Spanish French
meal comida le repas
breakfast desayuno le petit-déjeuner
lunch almuerzo le déjeuner
dinner cena le déjeuner
snack   le goûter
appetizer aperitivo le hors d'oeuvre , l' entrée (f)
soup sopa la soupe , le potage
main course plato fuerte le plat principal
salad ensalada la salade
dessert postre le dessert
kitchen, cooking cocina la cuisine
dining room comedor la salle à manger
restaurant restaurante le restaurant

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