Family consists of a variety of people, both young and old; there is a large list of members. The basic family unit, naturally, is made up of parents and their children. But beyond that small circle is a large group of relatives who affect family life to some degree: the extended family. Let's go at the English vocabulary that describes a typical family.

English Spanish French
husband esposo, marido un mari
children niños  
daughter hija une fille
mother madre, mamá une mère
sister hermana une soeur
grandmother abuela une grand-mère
aunt tía une tante
niece sobrina une nièce
wife esposa une femme
son hijo un fils
father padre, papá un père
brother hermano un frère
grandfather abuelo un grand-père
uncle tío un oncle
nephew sobrino un neveu
grandson nieto un petit-fils
cousin - male primo un cousin
xousin - female prima une cousine
granddaughter nieta une petite-fille

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