The quality or condition of being a person. The totality of qualities and traits, as of character or behavior, that are peculiar to a specific person.

One of most important things in the person is the personality. The personality in each person is diferent for example in your family each one have they own personality, your father could be a lazy person and your mother could be hard working person.

Personalities in English

A. = Adjective   ADV. = Adverb   IDM. = Idiom   N. = Noun   V. = Verb
cynical A. seeing little or no good in other people, believing that people are only interested in themselves and are not sincere. Cynical suggests a disbelief in the sincerity of human motives
eccentric A. having strange, unusual or abnormal habits or tastes This term is less insulting than strange, weird or bizarre.
egotistical A. thinking too highly of oneself, considering oneself better than others.
imaginative A. creative, having much imagination
indecisive A. unable to decide quickly, not knowing what choice to make
picky A. hard to please, too careful in choosing something
sensible A. practical, reasonable, something that makes sense
sensitive A. easily feels emotion, easily hurt emotionally can be positive or negative
sophisticated A. representing high culture, very experienced in life 
thoughtful A. often doing things to make other people feel good

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