The Sport is always the center of the conversation in all the world for this reason if you want make friends in all place, you must know the Sports in english and other language how the sports in Spanish language.

Sports in English

English Spanish French
archery tiro con arco le tir à l'arc
baseball béisbol le base-ball
basketball baloncesto le basket(ball)
biking ciclismo le cyclisme
boxing boxeo la boxe
diving buceo la plongée
downhill skiing esquí de descenso le ski de descente, de piste
fishing pesca la pêche
football fútbol le football américain
golf golf le golf
(ice) hockey hockey sobre hielo le hockey (sur glace)
jogging jogging le jogging
rollerskating patinaje sobre ruedas le patin à roulettes, le skating
sailing navegación la voile
skating patinaje le patinage
skiing esquí le ski
soccer fútbol (europeo) le foot(ball)
swimming natación la natation
tennis tenis le tennis
volleyball voleibol le volley(ball)
water skiing esquí acuatico le ski nautique
wrestling lucha la lutte

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