Stores and shops

Department or function associated with the holding and issuance of inventory items.

In the city exist differents kinds of places for example parks, restaurants, museums , etc but the most visited places could be the stores because there are differents attractions and you can shop all kind of things.

It is a complete list of stores, and you can to know what you can to buy there.

Stores in English

English Spanish French
grocery store tienda de abarrotes épicerie
outdoor market el mercado  
bakery la panadería boulangerie
pastry shop la pastelería pâtisserie
candy store la confitería confiserie
dairy la lechería crémerie
fish market la pescadería poissonnerie
drugstore la farmacía pharmacie
laundry la lavandería blanchisserie
dry cleaner la tintorería teinturerie
clothing store la tienda de ropa  

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